Diabetes: All About and Natural Cure

diabetes mallitus
After the blood sugar check, it may be time for a diabetes medicine whose price has jumped.

 Amount of Sugar is Increased in Blood In form of Glucose(C6H12O6). This Disease is Called Diabetes. Also Called diabetes Mellitus.

Cause: Generally it is Common in People of Age 40+. If Formation of Insulin is Stopped or Rate of Formation of Insulin is Decreased then Amount Glucose(Sugar) Rises because Insulin Converts Glucose into Glicozen.

Some Symptomes are Frequently Urenation, Fell in Hunger Again and Again, and Becoming Thirsty again and Again.

Diabetes means Too Much Care of What you Eat. Thats the Worst ever Thing and Not Liked by Mostly people.

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Today we will Talk about Those Natural Cures that are Best for Getting Rid from Diabetes. Natural Means Their will Be no Chances of Side Effects. Lets Start:

Natural ways For Diabetes Cure:

In This Tutorial Type post for Curing Diabetes, We will Talk Abount 2 Things- 1. Things You Have to Leave for Getting Rid, 2. Natural Ways to Cure. So Lets Start:

Foods To Remove From Your Diet: 


Sugar Should be Removed from Your Food, Sugar is Main Ingridient responsible for Diabetes. So Remove Sugar from Food and Your Sugar(Glucose) Level from Blood will also Be Decreased. It Will Be Benificial in Curing Diabetes More Accurately.

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Stop Drinking Alcohol

Stop Dinking Alcohol Because it can Increase Blood sugar to a Dangerous Level and Can Result In Toxicity Of Liver and Kidneys. Beer and Rum Has Carbohydrates in Rich Amount and Carbohydrates Break Downs into Sugar (Glucose) Moles So Alcohol Should be Avoided.

Cow Milk

Do not Drink Cow Milk  It is A Rich Source of Carbohydrates, As Mentioned above Carbohydrates are Rich Source of Sugars as It Break Down in Form Of Glucose in Blood. Resulting in Increase of AmoUnt of Blood Sugar.

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Foods For Curing Diabetes:

These foods are Benificial For Curing Diabetes. But Also For Controlling Glucose level if You are Not a Patient.

  1. Bitter Gourd  is Very Benificial. It is also Used in Many other Medicines Other Then Diabetes but Also Too Much Effective in Treating This Disease Also.
  2.  Goat Milk  is Also Useful. Goat Milk Is Also Used During Typhoid and This I s very Useful. But Cow Milk is Not Good during Diabetes as Mentioned Above.
  3.  Fish Meat  is also Useful . It should be Eaten By a Patient During This Probem. It is Rich Source of Proteins and It Makes you feel satisfied. When you are satisfied you will not eat more and more food and Low food means low amount of Carbohydrates and Form Low Amount of Sugar.
  4.  Sweet Potatoes   reduce HbA1c measures between 0.30 and 0.57 percent and fasting blood glucose by 10 to 15 points. Sweet potato also contains anthocyanins, which are the natural pigments that give the sweet potato its deep orange color and the antioxidants believed to have anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antimicrobial qualities.
  5. Cinnamon  can help reduce blood sugar. One, published in the journal Diabetes Care, noted how people with type 2 diabetes who’d taken one or more grams of cinnamon daily had dropped their fasting blood sugar by a whopping 30 percent, compared to people who took no cinnamon. They also reduced their triglycerides, LDL cholesterol, and total cholesterol by upwards of 25 percent. Here’s why: Cinnamon is rich in chromium, a mineral that enhances the effects of insulin. It’s also loaded with polyphenols, antioxidants that gather up all the free radicals in your blood to protect you from cancer and also lower systemic inflammation, further guarding you from diabetes and heart disease.

Follow These Upper Measures, Leave These foods Mentioned Above and Start Eating That foods which are mentioned Above. Share our Post and Help Us In Our Mission of Spreading Happiness.