Dark Circles:Get Rid From Them Naturally

Dark Circles
Dark Circles

Dark Circles are Dark Area around our eyes. Generally Caused By Lack of Sleeping. If You Are Worried that You Have to Suffer From Them Always then Don’t Worry because Today we will Talk About Some Natural Methods Best for Getting Rid From them.

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Top Natural Ingridiants for Getting Rid of Dark Circles

Use these Natural Ingridients and Your Dark Circles will be History.

1. Tomato

Generally Its a Fruit but Mostly Used as a Vegetable. Tomato Have Excellent Bleaching Properties, It can remove dark Circles Very Effectively.

How To Use:

  • Mix One Spoon Tomato Juice with One Spoon Lemon Juice
  • Apply that Solution on Your Dark Circles and Let it there for 15-20 Minutes.
  • In That Time simply Relax and Close your eyes and Go For Your Favourite Music That Feels you Comfortable.
  • Repeat That Process 2-3 Times a Day for 5-6 Days and On Fifth Day, “Where are your Dark Circles”? They Have Gone.

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2. Lemon

Lemon is a Good Refreshment Ingredient. Just Extract some Juice and Mix In a Spoon of Honey. Dissolve them properly. This Paste can Lighten Your Dark Circles effectively.

How To Use:

  • Extract Some Lemon Juice and Mix it In a spoon of Honey (Better if Both are Taken in Same Amount)
  •  Apply that Paste on Your Eyes and Simply Close Your Eyes and Go For Relaxing Music and Take a Sleep for 15-20 minutes.
  • Repeat 1-2 Times Daily for 8-10 Days and See Magical Results.

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3. Honey:

As Its sweet Taste, It is Also Sweet for Our Skin. It can Clear Oil From Skin Pores also And Help You Getting Fair skin Naturally.

Also Good for Other Face Problems Like Pimples, It Can Cure Pimples as well as with your Dark Circles.

How To Use:

  • Take 3-4 Spoons of Honey, 2-3 Spoons OF lemon, Some Tomato Juice, And Rose Water (Generally Called Gulab Jel in India)
  • Mix Them Properly and Make a Gel With it.
  • Use This Gel on Daily Bases on Your Dark Circles as well as Skin also and See Wonderful Results. Your Dark Circles will be Gone and Skin will be Fairer as Compared to Before.

4. Rose Water

I Remember,From my Childhood my Mother always told me to Wash Eyes with Rose water when ever They are Sore. That was a Preety method And Now also, Use This For your Dark Circles Too.

How To Use:

  • Soak Cotton Eye pad in Rose Water for some Minutes.
  • Place The Soaked Cotton On your closed eye lids for 15-20 minutes and simply Relax in That Time.
  • See Results after 10-12 days after repeating this process.

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5. Almond Oil

Its a Natural Ingridient, It Helps in Lighten Dark Circles Around Your Eyes. Mix it With Some Vitamin A oil and Massage on Your Dark Circles and they will be Gone.

How To Use:

  • Massage it Before sleeping
  • Let it Their for Over Night.
  • Wash it In Morning with Cold Water and Repeat the Process Until Your Dark Circles are Gone.

6. Cocumber

You have already seen many times peoples Relaxing while Placing Cocumber slices on Their Eyes. It Provided Cool Effect to your Eyes. Cocumber have skin-lightening and mild astringent properties. So it can Treat this Too Much Effectively.

How To Use:

  • Cut slices of One Cocumber and Place it In Fridge for 1 Hour
  • Place Chilled Slice on Your Eyes for 15-20 Minutes
  • Wash the Area with Cold Water
  • Repeat for Nearly 10 Days and see Results.

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